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5 Hunting Tips for Getting Deer to Come Out During the Day

Many people who enjoy the outdoors consider deer hunting to be one of the most exciting and difficult activities available. Yet, getting deer to venture out during the day is not always easy. This is because, in general, deer avoid interacting with humans and are more active at night. Yet, your success chances will improve with research and careful preparation.

5 Tips to Get the Deer to Come out During Day Time

Here are five strategies for luring elusive daytime deer sightings.

1. Find the Right Spot

The first step to getting deer to come out during the day is to find the right spot. Because of their chronic nature, deer often repeat the same routines day after day. Look for areas where deer are known to congregate, such as food plots, watering holes or natural funnels. These areas are prime spots for setting up a feeder.

2. Use a Feeder

A Deer feeder is an effective way to attract deer to a specific area during the day. They work by dispensing food regularly, enticing deer to come out of hiding. Place the feeder in a spot where deer are known to congregate and fill it with high-quality deer feed. Make sure to set the timer for the feeder to dispense food during the daytime when deer are more likely to be active.

3. Use Scents and Lures

Another effective way to get deer out during the day is to use scents and lures. Deer’s have a keen sense of smell, and they are attracted to certain scents, such as deer urine or doe estrus. You can purchase these scents at most hunting supply stores to lure deer to your location. You can also use decoys to make the area more enticing to deer.

4. Use Cover and Concealment

It’s essential to use cover and concealment when hunting deer during the day. Deer’s have excellent eyesight, and they can easily detect movement and bright colors. Wear camouflage clothing that blends with the surrounding environment and use natural covers such as trees or bushes to hide your movements. It’s also important to stay downwind of the deer to avoid alerting them to your presence.

5. Create Food Plots

One way to lure the deer during daytime is by creating food plots. Food plots are a great way to get the deer in your area to come out during the day. In order to encourage the deer to use your food plot during the day, you’ll need to put in more effort to make the deer comfortable to come out and use your food plot.

Benefits of Hunting Deer During the Day

1. Better Visibility

Hunting during the day provides better visibility and allows hunters to see deer more clearly. This can be especially helpful when hunting in dense forests or areas with low-light conditions.

2. Increased Safety

Hunting during the day is generally safer than hunting at night. This is because hunters can see their surroundings more clearly and avoid dangerous obstacles or terrain.

3. Better Shot Placement

Hunting during the day allows hunters to take better shots and place them more accurately and this is because they can see the deer more clearly and aim more precisely.

4. More Time to Hunt

Hunting during the day provides more time to hunt and increases the chances of success. Hunters now have the opportunity to spend longer in the field and cover more land, improving their chances of coming across a deer.

Things to Know Before Hunting Deer During the Day

1. Check Local Regulations

Check local laws and secure any necessary licenses or permits before setting out on a daytime hunt for deer. You can then rest assured that you are hunting lawfully and ethically.

2. Respect the Environment

When hunting deer during the day, it’s important to respect the environment and the animals you are hunting. Avoid leaving trash or litter in the field and minimize your impact on the ecosystem.

3. Use Proper Equipment

Proper equipment is essential when hunting deer during the day. Make sure to use a high-quality rifle or bow and arrow and practice your shooting skills before heading into the field.

4. Stay Informed

Maintaining familiarity with modern hunting practices is essential. Keep up with the latest information and refine your skills by reading hunting blogs and forums, checking out hunting movies and going to hunting seminars.


Daytime deer hunting can be difficult but ultimately rewarding. These five pointers can help you have a more successful hunting trip and a more exciting time in the great outdoors. Find a suitable location, set up a feeder, employ scents and lures, wait patiently, and conceal yourself effectively. If you remember these tips, you should have no trouble luring deer out during the day and accomplishing your hunting aims.


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