Sadly, Twitter's #Twitter TeamTrump Potusmashable Hashtag

Are you tired of the political divide on social media? Well, it seems like Twitter is too. In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Twitter has removed the #Twitter TeamTrump Potusmashable hashtag. This once-popular hashtag was used to discuss and criticize President Trump’s policies but now appears to be gone for good. Read on as we explore what happened and what it means for free speech on social media platforms.

What is the #Twitter TeamTrump Hashtag?

The #TwitterTeamTrump Hashtag is a hilarious way to follow President Donald Trump and his daily tweets. The hashtag is created by users who post humorous or satirical tweets about the president. The hashtag quickly became popular among Trump supporters on Twitter and has been used to share jokes, memes, and information about the president and his administration.

Some of the most popular tweets using the #TwitterTeamTrump Hashtag include jokes about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, his controversial comments, and his policies. The hashtag also serves as a way for users to share news and updates about the president and his administration.

History of the #Twitter TeamTrump Hashtag

The #TwitterTeamTrump Hashtag was first created on July 21st, 2017 by Twitter user @MichaelIan Black. The hashtag was used to discuss the then newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Since its creation, the hashtag has been used to share funny jokes and memes about the President and his administration. However, the hashtag has also been used to criticize Trump and his policies. In recent months, the hashtag has been used to discuss allegations of Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign, as well as his response to these allegations.

The hashtag is still being used today and is expected to continue being used in the future.

How to Use the #Twitter TeamTrump Hashtag

Twitter users can use the #TwitterTeamTrump hashtag to share their thoughts on President Trump’s latest tweets. The hashtag is a great way to connect with other Twitter users and see what they are saying about Trump’s latest posts.

Tips for Using the #Twitter TeamTrump Hashtag

Twitter users can use the #TwitterTeamTrump hashtag to share jokes, photos, and other content related to President Donald Trump. However, users should be aware of some rules related to using the hashtag.

First and foremost, users should only use the hashtag if they are directly involved in discussing Trump-related topics on Twitter. This means that tweets that promote Trump-based businesses or products are not allowed. Additionally, users should avoid using offensive language when using the hashtag.

Twitter also recommends using the hashtag sparingly. If a user is only posting about Trump-related topics once or twice a day, they may want to consider skipping the hashtag altogether.

Overall, Twitter recommends using the #TwitterTeamTrump hashtag thoughtfully and with caution.


Twitter’s #TwitterTeamTrump hashtag was a little too potusmashable for our taste, and we don’t want to see it anymore. We hope that Twitter will take action to end the trend, and make sure that all of its users feel safe and respected on the platform.


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