How to finish the Scientific Methods Side Quest in Dead Space Remake

“Scientific Techniques” is the first side mission Isaac may do in Dead Space Remake. That will not, however, be the first one he completes. Yet, this side quest will provide Isaac with further information about Nicole and her own inquiry into what has been going on aboard the Ishimura.

The side missions are only one of the numerous new features in the Dead Space Remake. These all give Isaac an extra push to finish the game but add to the original’s lore. These tasks are worthwhile because the extra equipment and boosts Isaac may obtain will help him survive his terrifying adventure for longer than he would without them.

Nicole’s Inquiry in the Dead Space Remake

The side quest of Scientific Methods can be started in Chapter 2 – Intensive Care. After clearing out the Main Laboratory, Isaac can find Nicole’s Office on the Medical Deck. Nicole’s Office is next to the stasis replenishment chamber. Upon entering, pick up the audio log to begin the Dead Space Remake side quest.

After that, Isaac must locate Nicole’s Hidden Office, located in the ER’s Diagnostics Room. Going to the ER is part of the main goal, and Isaac should have updated his gear in Dead Space Remake by now to unlock Kinesis.

Once at Diagnostics, there will be operating tables throughout the place, one of which will have a stuttering hologram of Nicole on it. The goal will be changed to follow the hologram. YouTuber Gamestra demonstrates how to follow Nicole through the wall using the circuit breaker and Kinesis. Once inside the Deprogramming Suite, a scene will play out.

After defeating the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake’s Chapter 7, travel to the lowest level of Maintenance. There will be Guardians, but Isaac can use the gasoline tanks to help ease the struggle. Behind them will be safe storage. To open Storage 2, use the circuit breaker once more. The other doors can also be opened, but this is the goal.

The mission will be held until Chapter 10 – End of Days. Once Isaac has made his way to the Crew Deck, go to the Luxurious Quarters and look for the Guest Consultant’s Suites. The main mission will lead Isaac there, so once he’s in the Deluxe Quarters, switch the objective to the side quest and follow it again. It’s worth noting that the Level 5 RIG schematic from Dead Space Remake is nearby. It will bring Isaac to the apartments of Dr. Mercer.

Turn on the televisions and interact with them to view a scene. Afterward, proceed to the suite’s back room and interact with the console against the wall. To complete the quest and achieve “Whole Again,” you must watch the entire recording.

Finishing this quest will also provide Isaac with the “Gravitic Amplifier” Force Gun upgrade. This enhancement increases the radius of Gravity Wells. Scientific Techniques then provides players with a lot more backstory to supplement the original Dead Space and a highly useful upgrade for one of the game’s better weapons. It will enable Isaac to end Dead Space Remake on a high note.


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