Activision will be purchased by Microsoft for around Rs. 5 lakh crore.

Gaming enthusiasts, rejoice! The world of video games is about to witness a major shift as Microsoft has recently announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Yes, you read that right! The news has been making waves in the gaming industry and for all the right reasons. With this deal being one of the biggest ever made in the history of video game acquisitions, it’s no surprise that fans are eager to know what happens next. So without further ado, let’s dive into everything you need to know about this exciting development that will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of gaming as we know it!

What is Activision?

Activision Blizzard is a leading American video game developer and publisher. The company was formed in 2008 through the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games, making it one of the largest gaming companies worldwide.

The company has produced some iconic games that have captured gamers’ attention for years now. Some of its most popular franchises include Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Candy Crush Saga, and Overwatch.

Apart from developing games for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, Activision also has a significant presence in mobile gaming with titles like Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, King’s Candy Crush Franchise among others.

Over the years, Activision has earned a reputation for producing top-quality games that are both entertaining and challenging to play. Its impressive portfolio makes this acquisition by Microsoft even more exciting as fans can’t wait to see what new developments will arise from this partnership.

What games does Activision produce?

Activision is one of the largest video game publishers in the world, known for producing some of the most popular and successful franchises. From first-person shooters to sports games, Activision has a diverse portfolio that appeals to players of all ages.

One of their biggest franchises is Call of Duty, an intense first-person shooter game that has captured millions of fans worldwide. This franchise started back in 2003 and since then has become one of the highest-grossing entertainment products ever made.

Another hugely popular franchise from Activision is World Of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a fantasy world where players can explore vast lands and battle mythical creatures. With over 12 million active subscribers at its peak WoW was undeniably awesome!

Other noteworthy titles include Crash Bandicoot – an iconic platformer from the late ’90s which recently got revived -, Spyro The Dragon – another platformer series centered around collecting gems and freeing dragons- , Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – A skateboarding simulation series for extreme sport lovers-, Destiny – An online-only shooter with RPG elements developed by Bungie Studios- among many others.

With such an impressive collection under their belt, it’s no wonder why Microsoft saw great value in acquiring Activision.

Why did Microsoft purchase Activision?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for around Rs. 5 lakh crore sent shockwaves through the gaming industry and made headlines worldwide. The question on everyone’s mind is, why did Microsoft purchase Activision in the first place?

One reason could be that Microsoft was looking to expand its reach within the gaming industry. By acquiring one of the largest game publishers in the world, Microsoft now has access to a vast array of popular franchises such as Call of Duty and Candy Crush.

Another possible reason for this acquisition is that it allows Microsoft to better compete with other tech giants like Sony and Google who are also invested in the gaming industry. With Activision under their belt, Microsoft can now offer exclusive content to entice gamers towards their platform.

Furthermore, by owning one of the most successful game publishers in history, Microsoft secures a steady source of revenue from future game releases and ongoing microtransactions.

There are many potential benefits for why Microsoft may have decided to acquire Activision but only time will tell if this move will pay off for them in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive market.

How much did Microsoft pay for Activision?

Microsoft is acquiring Activision Blizzard, a major video game publisher. The deal is reportedly worth around Rs. 5 lakh crore or $68.7 billion in total.

Microsoft’s largest acquisition in video gaming history. The tech giant is investing in gaming as a key growth area.

Activision Blizzard’s acquisition of popular franchises like Call Of Duty, World Of Warcraft, Diablo, and Candy Crush Saga may seem expensive. it starts making sense why Microsoft was willing to pay such a high price.

Acquisitions can bring huge returns on investment if done right, despite the price tag.

What does this mean for the future of video gaming?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for a whopping Rs. 5 lakh crore has sent shockwaves throughout the video gaming industry. This move is set to have far-reaching implications for the future of gaming, as two behemoths combine forces.

Microsoft’s acquisition signals its intent to become a major player in the video game industry, competing with other tech giants.

Microsoft will gain access to popular gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, Candy Crush and World of Warcraft. With exclusive rights over these games, they can provide unique experiences that cannot be found on any other platform.

Collaboration between Activision Blizzard studios could lead to new game releases or even new genres.

This deal also highlights how important cloud technology is becoming in gaming. Microsoft will leverage cloud computing power to offer gamers better accessibility and develop their own capabilities.

This purchase is a major milestone for both companies and video game industry. Only time will tell what effects it’ll bring upon us!


Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for around Rs. 5 lakh crore is a game-changing move that could potentially reshape the video gaming industry. Microsoft has strengthened its presence in the gaming space by acquiring Activision’s popular games and franchises.

Microsoft’s purchase puts it in direct competition with other major players in terms of exclusive content and console sales. Video gaming is set to become even more exciting in the future.


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